bindCache Using S3 Bucket as Disk-Cache Object

I'm wondering whether I can use a S3 bucket as a disk-cache object or, at the very least, a location where I can store my caches when using the bindCache function. I'm planning on hosting my Shiny app using AWS's Elastic Container Service, and I'm concerned that caches made in one container will not be available and/or disappear when the system scales up or down. Thank you!

There's a decent chance I'm misunderstanding your questions, but I frequently rely on s3 buckets in my workflows and use cloudyr to do this. After the set-up phase, it has worked for me without a hitch.

I, however, don't have experience with bindCache to point to an s3 bucket. I'd be curious too how this might be set-up too!

Winston Chang responded to my question in GitHub with the following documentation: I've yet to try it, but it looks promising!

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