bind_rows() function - Issue getting RStudio Cloud project to terminate

bind_rows() function - I am facing the technical issue with Rstudio Cloud as it is not executing successfully, and after a couple of minutes getting the message in the console as 'While you were away, your project went to sleep'. Please advice on how to solve this issue.

Below is the Code which I tried to execute from RStudio Cloud.....

Stack individual quarter's data frames into one big data frame

all_trips <- bind_rows(q2_2019, q3_2019, q4_2019, q1_2020)

can you succesfully bind_rows just a small part of each ?

all_trips <- bind_rows(head(q2_2019), 

Are these huge amounts of data ?

map(list(q2_2019, q3_2019, q4_2019, q1_2020),object_size)

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