Binance API R GET Request Error

Hi everyone. I really appreciate this community and what you accomplished so far.

My problem is related with getting the data from the Binance exchange with the code that I found here: Binance API R GET Request - Stack Overflow. The code can be found below:


  url = "",
  path = "api/v3/klines",
  query = list (
    symbol = "LTCUSDT",
    interval = "3d"    
) -> res

content(res, as="parsed")

I get the following error message:

Error in curl::curl_fetch_memory(url, handle = handle) : 
  Could not resolve host:

However, this error only occurs when I use RStudio Cloud, and occurs on related Shiny applications that are hosted at If I work on a local computer, everything is fine.

Can anyone help me clarify this problem, are there any new rules that I am not aware of between RStudio and getting data from the Binance Exchange?

Solving this problem is very important to me and I would really appreciate every response regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance.

I don't have a solution, but I have the same problem (although not to Binance).

Feels like they're related / identical problems though.

Either Shinyapps are blocking them or vice versa.


RStudio has taken steps to block access from within RStudio Cloud and to internet resources that are known to be associated with cryptocurrency mining activities. This is part of our ongoing effort to prevent abuse of our platforms from cryptocurrency mining. I understand that your specific use case might not be specifically related to mining, in which case we would be happy to hear about what you're trying to do, though I can't guarantee that we will make any changes to our policy at this time. If you have a paid subscription to or RStudio Cloud I suggest opening a ticket with support to provide more information.


Hi Andy and thank you for your reply.

I fully understand activities to prevent abuse of RStudio platforms. However, obtaining cryptocurrency time series data via the Binance exchange API is far from cryptocurrency mining activity.

I have created two shiny applications that serve me exclusively for backtesting strategies and for the needs of my users. However, to run applications, I must obtain data from the Binance Exchange.

Is it possible to allow data flow only through the Binance API?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for the information. We're looking into this now.

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@andy_kipp - are you able to elaborate any further on why this is the case?

There are lots of financial APIs - what's special about cryptocurrency mining?

I'm assuming that perhaps a minority are doing something and spoiling it for the majority, but what? Frequency / volume of data?

I suppose it's easier to simply block access, rather than limit the volume / frequency of data?

Hi Andy,

I noticed the shiny apps are working again. Thank you for resolving this issue quickly and I hope this condition is permanent.

Again, thank you and all community for support.

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