Bikemapp - Shiny Contest Submission


Authors: Agustin Perez Santangelo

Abstract: This is an interactive map for cyclists moving around Buenos Aires City, Argentina.
With this map, cyclists can use their phones to find bikelanes, uneven roads to avoid (e.g. sett roads), air pumps, bikeshops, water faucets, and parking facilities.

Full Description: I live in a city -Buenos Aires- that has many uneven roads (e.g. sett and cobblestone roads) which make riding a bike a bit of a hazard (for me and for my bike).

Importantly, although we have an official city map, we lack a map that indexes these bad streets.

So, I decided to draw on this idea of a map for cyclists, and make a more general tool that provides information on the main things cyclists usually need to know when riding on the city (e.g. water faucets, bikeshops).

By combining data taken from the excellent OpenStreetMap (OSM) collaborative project and from our government databases (which is less sparse and better curated, but limited to the federal district), I aimed to deliver a tool for all metropolitan-area cylists. Importantly, I designed the app with mobile capabilities in mind (although it also runs smoothly on desktop browsers), since I expected most users to use it on the go while cyclying around.

From a more technical standpoint, I created spatial (lines, markers, circles, and polygons) data objects (with the sp and sf packages) that I fed to a leaflet map, which reacts to user interactions using the R-Shiny framework with Framework7 standalone capabilities (i.e., you can access the app as any of your other phone-apps from your home-screen) -via shinyMobile- which ensures functionality across mobile devices.

Note: as this map is intended for cyclists around Buenos Aires, all text is in Spanish (which is our first language).

Finally, I hope this project further encourages us all to participate in OSM to not only make this map more accurate and complete, but also to aid many other projects that rely on these data.

Keywords: cyclist, map, road, mobile, leaflet, sf, sp, shinyMobile
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Repo: bikemapp/app at main · 2exp3/bikemapp · GitHub
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