bigrquery - how to update tables?

I'm using the bigrquery package to interact with BigQuery as a data warehouse. We've done a lot of this in the past, but I've only been on the querying side of things. Now I need to write data to BigQuery from R. From my reading about bigrquery, I was expecting that there would be a bq_table_update() function which would allow me to write data to an existing table (and what I want to do is replace the contents of the table each night when I run this job, not append data, so I believe update is the way to go). There does not seem to be such a function, however.

Can anyone advise me on what function I should be using? Or am I incorrect to assume that the bigrquery package would provide this capability? I'm wondering as I learn if the data needs to go into Google Cloud Storage as an intermediate step to getting into BigQuery...


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