bigrquery - Error 400: admin_policy_enforced

Trying to run this code:

bq_con <- dbConnect(
project = "XXXXXXXX",
dataset = "XXXX",
billing = "XXXXXX"

Which runs just fine. But when I try:

name = "air_full",
value = air_full,
row.names = F,
append = F,
overwrite = T)

I get the normal bq_auth() call, and when I choose my username and password (which I know are correct - as I can login to Google BigQuery outside of the tidyverse process) and which worked fine last Sunday - I get this error:

Access blocked: Authorization Error

Please contact your district technology staff and inform them of this error.
If you are a developer of Tidyverse API Packages, see error details.

Error 400: admin_policy_enforced

Any ideas what might have happened?

when you login to Google BigQuery outside of the tidyverse process, are you able to thereby create arbitrary new tables ? I ask because it may be a straightforward permissions issue.

This ended up being an issue with the Tidyverse API not being "Trusted" in the Google Workspace Admin area for our OU.

Once this change was made, it did take a little bit for the change to be reflected in my bigrquery script calls, but it eventually did resolve the issue.


makes sense, thank you for feeding back your resolution here, it is useful to the community.

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