BIBLOSHINY "Trend Topics" issue when trying to load a list of terms to remove

Hello everyone.

I am using the bibloshiny for the first time. I uploaded the data (csv) from Scopus. everything is smooth except for the (Trend Topics) part where i need to prepare a separated file for unwanted terms and synonyms. This is the note on the website:

"Upload a TXT or CSV file containing a list of terms you want to remove from the analysis.
Terms have to be separated by a standard separator (comma, semicolon or tabulator)."

Do you know the way to order the list in excel (then i convert them to csv)? for both the file for unwanted terms and the other file for synonyms.
I used to do the thesaurus file for scopus and use them in Vos viewer but the same way didn't work in Biblioshiny.

any help will be appreciated

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