Bi-Directional databinding DT (DataTables) to CSV upon editing

Bi-Directional data binding DT (DataTables) to CSV upon editing

Upon editing data in either the CSV or in-place DataTable ShinyApp, how would I incorporate data update and save bi-directional, whereas the data edit changes would post?

library(flexdashboard) # Flexdashboard to create a frame for the content
library(dplyr)         # tidy data manipulation
library(leaflet)       # Leaflet for the interactive map
library(DT)            # DT for the interactive table
library(crosstalk)     # Crosstalk for widget interactivity
library(shiny)         # Shiny web app to broaden the capabilities of Crosstalk

# Ion icons and Font Awesome for icons

# user interface just shows the table
ui <-
        title = 'Base List Table',
        h1('Base List Using Server-side Processing'),
        fluidRow(column(8, div(

# server is where all calculations are done, tables are pre-rendered
server <- function(input, output, session) {
    # load CSV file
    myCSV <-
    #  render data table
    output$dataTable <- renderDT(myCSV,
                                 # data
                                 class = "display nowrap compact",
                                 # style
                                 filter = "top",
                                 # location of column filters
                                 editable = TRUE)
                                 # cells editable

# run the app
shinyApp(ui, server)

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