BGG Explorer - Table Contest Submission

BGG Explorer

Authors: Ícaro Bernardes dos Santos Coutinho

Abstract: This app is meant for exploring data from the Board Game Geek site.

This app is a companion to explore the games registred at the Board Game Geek site ( Data was collected from Dilini Samarasinghe, July 5, 2021, "BoardGameGeek Dataset on Board Games", IEEE Dataport, doi: BoardGameGeek Dataset on Board Games | IEEE DataPort.

The app has three sections, a control panel, a list of games (table) and a scatter plot.

  • Control panel:

    • You can search games by name in the first input ("Name of game"). The input is case-sensitive and matches subsets of strings;
    • Inputs from "Year of publication" till "# of game owners" are numerical by default. You can switch each of them to a categorical selection by flipping the "type" switch. When the switch is flipped, both the variable and the input selector change;
    • The last input ("Domains") can be turned on and off using the "filtering" switch.
    • Filters can be reset by clicking the "reset" buttons.
  • List of games:

    • Shows the data from the filtered games. Responds only to the inputs on the panel;
    • There are checkboxes in the first column. Selected games are highlighted in the scatter plot;
    • Selections are cleared if any alteration is made to the inputs.
  • Scatter plot:

    • Shows the Rating and Complexity average of each game as points. Responds to both the inputs on the panel and the selections on the table;
    • Selected games at the table are highlighted. They become red and more opaque;
    • If the "Rating Average" or "Complexity Average" are converted to categorical, some jittery is added to the points.

To facilitate navigation, the minus icons hide/show sections of the app.

Full Description:

Table Type: interactive-Shiny
Submission Type: Single Table Example
Table: BGG Explorer
Repo: GitHub - IcaroBernardes/table-contest
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DT package used: false
gt package used: false
reactable package used: true
flextable package used: false
huxtable package used: false
kableExtra package used: false
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