Best way to process row and columnwise multiple response in R

I have a SPSS generated file that I read into R that contain survey responses. Specifically I have several multiresponse questions in the survey. For each record, multiresponse variables are denoted variable.1, variable.2, etc, up to variable.32 with strings of digit-numbers
For example, for training codes, I have
Name Code.1 Code.2 Code.3
Respondent1 51000 52300 57000
respondent2 45000
Respondent3 37000 45000

The numbers are training codes. What is the best R construct to read these values in from an SPSS file to use to be able to do row-wise (record) and column-wise (variable) manipulation/testing of these multiresponse variables... table? matrix?

please advise
my sincere thanks

Beats me. Can you provide us with a link to the SPSS file? The problem does not sound too difficult in R but I think we need to see the data.


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