Best way to configure Windows to use x64 only

We're seeing issues with, for example, the latest purrr 1.0.0 only coming as an x64 binary for Windows for R4.1.

I guess this is the future direction of travel, and I've got no problems with switching all our users to use x64...

But I'm wondering what the best way of doing this is? Is there some setting we can put in everyone's RENVIRON to tell them to only install and use x64 package versions in R4.1?

We've seen set no-multiarch as a default option for install.packages() but that doesn't seem perfect, especially with various different bits of base-r, renv and packrat installing packages in our environment...

Maybe not possible in your use case scenario but for personal use I found it way easier to simply not installing the 32-bit executable. I think there is no way to uninstall only the 32-bit version after the fact so you might need to reinstall.

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