Best table package for .pdf document

Hi guys,

I generally output my reports as Html documents, but this particular time I need a .pdf document. I am looking for the best package with a bit of flair if possible (colors and such). Formattable seems to have problems outputting as a pdf, so I am looking for the next best option, where I won't need to use any workarounds. The code is part of the assignment, so I am trying it to be as reader-friendly as possible.


Have you heard of the pagedown package?

I find it the easiest way to create PDF reports without using LaTeX. Also, since it's HTML, you can use packages such as gtto create tables.

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Thanks Joshua!
I ended using a mix of kable(extra) stargazer and xtable (better for some stats reporting than kable) together with bookdown::pdf_document2 and it worked pretty well in the end. I used pagedown template previously for my resume and it worked pretty well, actually. Thx for the suggestion will check next time!

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