Best practices for storing user data on a shiny app ?

Hello RStudio Community :wave:. I am currently developing an application which will take and store user information via inputs. I was wondering, what are the best practices of storing said information on a Shiny App? My question focuses on security, storage capacity, and implementation (like, the ways of going about it via code or logic). This Shiny App will also be running on Shiny Server hosted on AWS EC2 (I don't know if implementation depends on this factor).

The following screenshot is an example of user data I want to be stored:

Any recommendations or tips will be appreciated, thanks.

This article presents 7 methods to store data and categorizes them based on data type. I don't think it addresses security, but it might give you a good start to see the available options.

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Thanks for the feedback :sunglasses::+1:

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