Best practices for configuring R shiny app

I am trying to work on a shiny app which can be easily configured. So for example I have an app with 5 tabs 10 tables and 10 charts. I want to use the same code base to publish another app with just 2 table 3 tables and 3 charts. The idea being the first view is for the analyst and the second view is for high level members. Can this be achieved using some kind of configuration method so we dont have to maintain two different code base. Thank you


currentuser  <- c("a","b")[2]  # change between 1 and 2 to toggle

#define the menu

(menu_config <- tribble(

ui <- fluidPage(

server <- function(input, output, session) {
  #define possible contents
  output$chart_1 <- renderPlot(
  output$chart_2 <- renderPlot(
  output$dynamic_ui <- renderUI({
   charts_to_have <- pivot_longer(menu_config,cols=-user) %>% 
      filter(user==currentuser, value) %>% 

shinyApp(ui, server)

try running this app twice one with

currentuser  <- c("a","b")[2]  # change between 1 and 2 to toggle

and another with

currentuser  <- c("a","b")[1]  # change between 1 and 2 to toggle

shiny has a session$user variable you can look into

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