Best Practices and Open Source Libraries for User Restriction and Access Control in Shiny with Rhino Project

Hey Posit Community!

I hope you're all doing well. I'm currently working on implementing user restrictions and access control within my Shiny with Rhino project. As I dive into this, I'm seeking your expertise to gather insights, best practices, and open source library recommendations that specifically align with this tech stack.

To provide a bit more context, my project involves Shiny, a web application framework in R, combined with Rhino, and I'm aiming to enhance its security and user experience. Here are some points I'd love to discuss with you all:

  1. Open Source Libraries: Are there any open source libraries that you've found particularly useful when it comes to user restriction and access control in the Shiny with Rhino environment? I'm eager to explore tools that seamlessly integrate with this tech stack.
  2. Authentication Strategies: Considering Shiny's interactive nature and Rhino's powerful capabilities, what authentication strategies have worked well for you? I'm interested in methods that ensure both security and user convenience.
  3. Role-Based Access: Are there any patterns or approaches that you've found successful in similar projects?

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