Best option to create a website

Started R a semester ago and looking for the best way to create a website for my internship. The website will be available for public use and needs to compute information manually inputted by specific companies on the website.

Take a look at's Shiny, which is a web based front end for R scripts. To get an idea of what can be done with just three lines take a look at this site

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Shiny only has a limited number of hours though right?

You are confusing shiny-server software with service, the latter has limits depending in your account type, the former needs to be installed in your own server and it's only limited for the resources you made available for it.

Oh ok. I have almost no familiarity with website development for R. So would you still recommend shiny-server software for what I need. Users need to select their business branch in my state out of all the branches to input information to calculate some simple algebraic answers specific to them.

Sorry about all the questions

Yes, shiny is great for making interactive data products, but strictly speaking is not for "website" development, shiny works for making web applications using R language instead of HTML and Javascript.

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Do you know if there is anything good for website development in r. When i looked it up, shiny kept coming up

You can create web content with R using things like rmarkdown, blogdown, shiny, etc. But R and Rstudio are not specifically tailored for web design and development, so it's possible but it is not the best tool for the job.

Also, I think you are confusing the concepts of website, web page and web app, they are similar but not the same.


That's right blogdown is for static websites. Websites that can take user input and return a calculated value have been around since The Beginning, and you could probably rig a cgi on a server you control, but it would take a lot of Javascript and probably be quite slow

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