Best function for particular type of hypothesis testing

Hi! I'm trying to complete a particular type of null hypothesis testing, but I'm coming up short as I'm kind of lost on how should I complete it in R. Description below tells pretty much what I'm trying to achieve in R:

Say I've travelled to London and I get lost. I wander around the city and happen upon a building that looks like a university campus. I know this (imaginary) university has 5 campuses spread across the city, with one of the campuses in downtown, while others are further away (Hackney, Barnet, Islington, Dulwich). The location I am at however does not look like a downtown of a city, so I figure I'm at one of the more distant campuses. Thus I get 5 null hypothesis':

H0 = "I'm in downtown London" = 0.1

H0 = "I'm in Hackney" = 0.225

H0 = "I'm in Barnet" = 0.225

H0 = "I'm in Islington" = 0.225

H0 = "I'm in Dulwich" = 0.225

From the information I've gathered, I give each location a probability, as listed above.

To further confirm where I'm at, I dive into recent poll results about how well supported London football clubs are in each district. I see that the Chelsea FC had 35% support at downtown 24% in Hackney, 12% in BaRNET, 19% in Islington and 29% in Dulwich. So I go around asking people: "Who do you support?" I ask 15 people, and 5 people say they support Chelsea.

With the aforementioned information, how can I test the null hypotheses' regarding where I'm at, when proportion of soccer club fandoms per district is known? Is there a function in R already that deals with this kind of hypothesis testing?

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