Being prompted to enable automated crash reporting on start/ restart, when I have already disabled this under global options

This was raised a few weeks ago , but no one responded:

I've just updated to Version 1.3.959 on Windows 10.
Every time I restart, I get asked about enabling automated crash reports to RStudio.
I say 'No' and the prompt is dimissed.
However, I've checked, and my options are set to disable this,(as they have been for as long as I've used RStudio), so I wouldn't expect to be getting asked this on every restart.

I restart my session often during the working day.
I don't want to have to dismiss this every time.
This looks like a bug?

This is not normal behavior, maybe your configuration files got corrupted somehow. Try resetting Rstudio's state.

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Cheers, that's sorted it, and another wee glitch as well :+1:

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