Beginner Rstudio - Huge excel workbook(1Gb) with multiple sheets not importing to Rstudio Cloud

Hi there,

I've been battling to upload this workbook for a few days now and is just not winning. I've followed instructions via you tube, but still no joy.

I require urgent assistance please.

You need to tell us what the Excel workbook looks like and show us what you have tried.

Are you dealing with one sheet or many? It it in a standard rectangular layout? What language?

Have a look at FAQ: How to do a minimal reproducible example ( reprex ) for beginners

Much of it will not be relevant to your problem but it should help a bit in formulating the problem.

This recent discussion may help. I think it is mainly about .csv files but much of the discussion should help
How to Read Huge Files With R

OOPS: Forgot a key question: Can you load it in Excel?

I believe Posit Cloud doesn't allow uploading such a big file (restricted at the reverse proxy level) and even if you could, very likely your project doesn't have enough RAM to load the data into memory.

There are possible work arounds like installing RStudio on your local system and/or storing the data in a format that can be read from disk on-demand like csv.

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