beginner needs help- how to know what packages need to be installed for specific use?

Hi everyone, my name is Mai. I have been tasting a little bit of R through studying Google Data Analytics. At the end of the course, they have some Case Study for us to finish. I'm wondering when you do your analytics work, how do you know what packages need to be installed? Like what does tidyverse do? what does janitor do?
For example, I am trying to do the Case Study called Cyclistic Bike as a small project for my profolio. Their data is so big that Google Sheets takes forever to run. I know I have to use either BigQuery or R. But in R, I dont know how to start, what packages need to be installled.
I am sorry for asking such a dumb question but I really appreciate if you guys can help and guide me a little bit. I am switching from a nail technician into tech so this kind of a big step for me. Thank you for reading!

Hi Mai,

Here's a good reference for you:

I hope that helps!

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Thank you Dromano. I guess it takes longer time to finish this project than I thought :))

Hi @maithecole, welcome to the Posit Community!

Since you've already recognized that you need "bigger" tools than a spreadsheet, and you seem to have landed on R, getting R and RStudio installed is a great step.

Given the popularity in the R community, as well as its focus on standardization, you might start by installing the "tidyverse" packages:

install.packages("tidyverse") (in an R script, or in the RStudio package pane.)

Then, as you search for various techniques such as "make a bar chart in R", you'll have some of the most popular packages already installed and the examples may work.



Thank you, Randy! I am reading the book that Dromano gave me and I am starting to understand more about what packages needed for what I am using now! tidyvere seems like the first and important one!