Beamer not showing total slide count

Very confused. I have a simple beamer/markdown presentation. On it compiles and looks fine.

When I work local (using either TinyTex or Miktex-doesn't matter) the page count is not correct. The slides will show 1/1,2/1,3/1 and so forth instead of for example 1/10,2/10 and so on.

Any clue why the total slide count is stuck at 1 and not being calculated correctly?


My belief is that \inserttotalframenumber is not being calculated correctly. My guess is the file has to be knitted twice so it knows the total number of slides. Is it possible some switch is set so that is not happening? If I look at \inserttotalframenumber its value is 1.

I am loading all packages I think I need including the lastpage package.

Thanks!! It is similar but doesn't give the answer-well sort of. If one compiles the intermediate tex file the page numbers are correct. Something seems to be broken here.

How does one directly contact a user here? @mattwarkentin is completely on point with his question. It does appear \inserttotalframenumber is NOT being calculated correctly.

Just mentioning a user like you did will send them a notification. Private messages can also be sent by clicking on any user name and looking for a blue "Message" button. But if you have a follow-up question, the best thing to do is probably to post it here, where more than one person may see it and have an answer.

Did the workaround posted by @grrrck in the other discussion work for you?

No...... @grrrck did not post a solution per se; he posted a way so that the slide numbers would be printed out without the total count showing; that is instead of 1/1,2/1,3/1 showing it shows 1,2,3, and so on. That is a start but still no solution to the bigger issue of why this is happening. thanks.

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