Bayesian package

I need help for a suitable package to estimate Sarima parameter by Bayesian

I know noting about time series analysis but a quick search suggests tis exists

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thanx a lot for replying, but this package didn't work with me , when I rich to using varstan() I got masg there is no sample

varstan() is not a valid command. varstan is a package that you will need to install and load. It is not on CRAN so you will have to install it from GitHub as is discussed at the link above.

You will also have to have the rstan package installed. I think it will install stan for you.

Once you have everything up and running the command you want seems to be Sarima()

If you read the example at the link I supplied above there is a Sarima() example.

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Now I understand your point. Okay, I will check all required to download and then try it.

very thankful for you

its work ... thanks for helping

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