Batch importing many features from several GDBs

I would like to learn to batch import from many geodatabases at once and merge the files together into a new unified shapefile. All of the GDBs and Features have a similar name and file structure. For example GDB1, GDB2, GDB3,...ect. and inside each have shp1, shp2, and shp3.....ect.

From other posts I learned that if these features were not within GDBs I could simply create a list of the files....

shp_files <- list.files(wd, pattern = glob2rx("*.shp")

and then use rbind and lapply to merge them together....

merged<, lapply(shp_files, rgdal::readOGR))

But how can I alter this code to work if the files are in a GDB or if the bundle of features are in a zipped folder?

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