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Basketball Players – Regular Season vs. Playoffs

Authors: Brendan Lam (Yale University)

Abstract: Comparing how the top players in the NBA for the 21-22 season performed during the regular season vs. during the playoffs. Advanced metrics are used to see which players improved during the playoffs and which ones did not.

Full Description: There is a lot of discussion on how well top NBA players perform in the playoffs vs. during the regular season. I wanted to investigate and visualize the differences in performance (as measured by metrics such as points above average per 100 possessions added by player). The table shows a players stats for the regular season and the same stats for the playoffs. If the column is highlighted green in the "Regular season" section, it means that metric was higher compared to the post-season. If it's highlighted red, it means it was lower than the post-season metric. Radial/spider plots also show how people perform on all the advanced metrics during the regular season and playoffs.

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Table: RPubs - NBA Metrics in the Regular Season and Playoffs - Posit Table Competition 2022
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