Basics of using project - Starting with a non trivial global environment

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I have achieved a maturity in one phase of the project and started a new project file. I want new environment to bring in the data files into the new project from here. I am using multiple packages and i have been saving to a new project before every new package. However now in the new project with a new package (rmgarch) I get a blank global environment.

I can either

  1. conduct the basics in the global environment and start project there
  2. Export and import files from the old project - cumbersome and probably unreliable
  3. Start a new project and import the old environment variables, like the ones from other packages ( I am using rmgarch)

Steps taken so far -

  1. I saved the basic operations as a project after executing in the global shell and that project has the environment
  2. I started a new project
  3. I am unable to find the trick to import into global environment of new project. I tried reopening old project saved after declaring new project

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