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Basic gt Styling Reference

Authors: Abigail Drumm

Abstract: A non-comprehensive reference for basic gt styling using tab_style and tab_options.

Full Description: When I first started using gt I kept wishing I had a picture of a table that identified all the borders from tab_options. They all make sense to me now, but initially I was a bit overwhelmed. When I saw the table contest I was like, “oh hey, maybe I should do that for this.” Then it morphed into more than just borders, covering the basics of tab_style and tab_options, within reason.

The version of the border table in my head had the names placed in and around the table with arrows pointing at the relevant border. I wasn’t about to be able to do that in R, and instead I coordinated placement and color. I took (significant) advantage of the html function provided with gt to make that happen. Almost all of the dataframes used are built manually. For the two tab_option border tables, they are almost entirely blank. The one exception is for the tab_options options table, which was a copy/paste from the documentation into a csv.

Also, I did get a bit obsessed with borders while working on this submission.

Table Type: static-HTML
Submission Type: Other
Table: Basic gt Styling Reference
Code: GitHub - a-drumm/table-contest-2022
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Languages: Built with R: true. Built with Python: false.
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Other packages: gt