Bash/Shell Script in RMarkdown -- interactive popups?


I am trying to read some files from my corporate s3 account. I can use the aws.s3 package to get the data I need.

However, because of internal corporate rules, I have to "login" every hour to keep it active. I have a .sh script which wraps a .py script that logs in -- but when I do it in the terminal, it asks me for my user name and password (and one other question). While this works fine in the RStudio terminal, is there a way to do this in a bash chunk in my .Rmd file (or through the session2() command i guess)? It would require a pop-up in the middle of it running, but I wouldn't have to think to connect it manually through the terminal each time...


Unless there's a way for you to log in non-interactively (e.g. setting some environment variables with user name + password / personal access token?) it's unlikely this will work since chunks execute in a non-interactive context.

Thanks -- it's what I suspected

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