Barcelona house prices explorer - Shiny Contest Submission

Barcelona house prices explorer

Authors: Daniel Banki

Abstract: This app helps people visualise property prices in Barcelona. It does two things: creates choropleth maps based on selected variables, and a comparison table about the average sales price, rent, etc. based on selected neighbourhoods.

Full Description: The purpose of this app is to make it easier for people to compare house price statistics of Barcelona neighbourhoods. In total, Barcelona has 10 districts (distritos) and 73 neighbourhoods (barrios). The level of analysis in this app is always the neighbourhood.

The data can be visualised in two ways. In the "Color maps" tab, you can see a choropleth map based on the variable you choose (e.g., average selling price, average monthly rent). A choropleth map uses different shades of the same colour to represent an aggregate summary of a variable. For example, a larger average selling price has a darker shade than a lower average selling price.

In the "Compare neighbourhoods" tab, you can filter and manually pick which neighbourhoods you are interested in. You can then generate a table that gives you some summary statistics about the selected neighbourhoods.

Keywords: spatial, housing, barcelona, maps, leaflet, reactable
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Repo: GitHub - danielbanki/barcelona-house-prices-explorer
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