Bar Chart that shows cost per year in one graph

ca<-ggplot(data=cranes_cost,aes(x =Asset.No, y =Cost.2018,fill=Asset.No))
ca+ geom_bar(stat="identity")
cost 2018

I need to show the cost year 2019 and 2020 in the same chart ,I have three different variables of cost .

(madeupdf <- data.frame(asset=letters[1:6],
                       cost.2018 = (1:6) * 123,
                       cost.2019 = ((1:6) +5) *100))

(pl <- pivot_longer(madeupdf,
                   names_to = "cost_year",
                   values_to = "cost_value"))
ggplot(data=pl,aes(x =asset, y =cost_value,fill=asset,color=cost_year)) + 
  geom_col(position = position_dodge2(),size=2) +


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Thanks . A rough draft is here !

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