Backtransform coefficients


I am currently trying to backtransform occupancy models to get Confidence Intervals (IC).
However, when backtransforming models in the first place so I can after calculate IC, I have to use LinearComb function. It is here where I get stuck.

m47=occu(~tree cover ~habitat+native, data=uf02)

mm=backTransform(linearComb(m47, coefficients = c(1, 0, 0), type ="state"))


  • tree cover: categorical (1-5)
  • habitat: categorical (habitat type name)
  • native: numeric (0-100%)

Can somebody explain me what are those coefficients about (c(1, 0, 0))?

The error that appears is

Error in .local(obj, coefficients, ...) :
  ncol(coefficients) == length(obj@estimates) is not TRUE

Don't find anywhere which coefficents I must use...

Many thanks!

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