BACI design statistics help

Hello -

More of a stats question than a coding question. I have data from a BACI experimental design. I have the following variables:

Year: Pre, Y1 and Y2 post
Treatment: treatment and control
3 Zones
Salinity, redox, moisture
2 Dependent variables

I am trying to answer the questions:

  1. Does the treatment alter salinity, redox, and moisture?
  2. Does the treatment alter the dependent variables?
  3. If so, what is driving that?

I think a simple anova with a year* treatment interaction answers the question about a treatment effect. But I am struggling to understand how to incorporate the other variables. I was thinking a linear mixed model? Appreciate your help.

Although there may be folks here who could help, you might want to post your question on Cross Validated, Stack Exchange's statistics, too: Questions here usually more coding- and there more stats-oriented.