Azure-pipelines for R package

Hello All,

I would like to ask if there exists some way how to check, build, deploy R package on Azure DevOps ?
I found:

But is there something newer ?
Is "better" way use Dockerfile (install all packages, components, ... inside of docker image, push there code of package, test it, build it and result of docker will be ready package ?)

Thanks for any advice

The r-lib/r-azure-pipelines example repo still works, even if R-lib seems to have moved on to Github Actions. You can also look at my AzureR packages for examples of simpler Azure Pipeline workflows. Here's one:

You can ignore the 'copy to cloudyr' and 'update cloudyr drat' steps in the azure-pipelines.yaml file, they are specific to my pipeline. Everything else is fairly generic.

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Thanks for your response. This pipeline looks great. I have similar pipeline for ubuntu 18.04, but currently I am looking for some Windows working version, for example vmImage: "vs2017-win2016"

Maybe ask a separate question about whether anyone has images of R on Windows. This might be hard because of licensing issues though.

Hi Hong. How does AzureAuth relate to repo pipelines?