avoid loading google fonts from google server directly

I've to set a chart on my shiny-app.
If I set a specific Font by fontFamily i.e. to the title or axis or similar this font will be loaded from https://fonts.googleapis.com/

In the documentation of highcharter I see that it is possible to set this to FALSE.

But I don't see if it ist possible if I use the Widgetfunction renderHighchart

ui <-

server <- function(input,output,session){
 output$chart1 <- renderHighchart({
  hc <- hchart(runif(50, 1, 99), name = "Level") %>%
    hc_title(text = "Title Chart 3", align = "left",style = list(fontFamily = "Roboto, sansSerif"))%>%
    hc_subtitle(text = "Example subtitle 3", align = "left")%>%
    hc_chart(reflow = TRUE)


shinyApp(ui, server)

This code tries to load the font from google. Can I avoid this exept to do it without style?

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