Avoid indentation in section titles


I'm using section titles not just for dividing the file into sections, but also (and mostly) as a great tool for bookmarking --- i.e. having links to various places in my code, often inside functions, that allows me to just to particular places in the function, etc. I find it as an extremely powerful tool for code navigation -- I even use it for links to "ToDo" items, etc.
My problem, though, is indentation. It seems that I have no control of it, and I do not even understand the logic beyond it. I can have a header in a if clause , and then one in the else clause, and the latter will be further indented. Then one that follows the if statement will be indented even one lever in , even though I would have expected it to be at a outer level of indentation.

Can someone please explain to me the indentation rules, and maybe provide some tips of how to control it? I see it constantly but in quite long and complex files, but I think I managed to boil it down to a simpler example:

# where things go wrong
foo <- function(x) {
  #:: Here is a first bookmark --- 
  if (x > 100) {
    # op for high x ----
    x <- x+1
  } else {
    # op for small x ----
    x <- x/2
  # Done exemining x ----

and that's how the outline looks like:

    op for high x
        op for small x
            done with examining x 

(please avoid syntax highlights, couldn't find a way to for the blog to show prefixed white spaces without using a code block; the indentation level is what matters)

Here it's not that bad, but with more complex code it gets to the point that I cannot see the "bookmarks" / titles in the outline because of over indentation. I just don't understand how the indentation system works, so cannot work around it.

Please advise.
Thank you

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