avoid flexdashboard pages in same project share objects

I have two reports made in flexdashboards inside the same project. The only difference is the data source but data wrangling is the same for both. Object names are same because code is really a copy (the only different lines are for data load, filtered by country).

Every chunk has this option to force fresh data always.

r cache=FALSE

Accessing my flexdashboard


renders ok

But if I open the other flexdashboard


the data and charts are from Germany.

I suppose the objects (df, plot..) having the same name are conflicting even with no cache.

Is there any way of solving this issue to avoid creating a project for every country?

asked in SO here, no solution so far

The objects should be rendered immediately, just like in a regular Rmd file.

Could you please post your code in some form so that we may look at what is going on?

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