Automatize shiny deployment to

Is there any way to schedule or automatize a daily publication of a shiny app to

I am sure that many of us have a shiny app published in shinyappsio and need to re-run the code every day to update data, and then press the publish button in RStudio so that the app can be updated in

rsconnect library allows you to execute the deployment through the deployApp( ) function; however, this command requires the user to enter “Y” manually to proceed with de app update.

This manual intervention would prevent to use cron package as an alternative to update the data and the App on shinyappsio

Any suggestions or altenratives?

The most common solution for updating data, is to read the data from an external source instead of bundling the data file with your app. Some options for external storage are Google Sheets, RDBMS, Amazon S3, Dropbox, etc.

The idea is that you can schedule a script for updating the data in an external repositories and your app can always read the latest data from it.

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