Automating roxygen2 documentation

I collaborated with a few good developers on sinew (incl Tal Galili, Devin Pastoor and @lbusett ). It generates roxygen2 skeletons populated with information scraped from within the function script.

It started out as a strictly CLI package but we opened it up to include a shiny UI to automate nearly all the roxygen2 writing when building and maintaining R packages.

It was really great to bring down the timeline to have new package developers. We use it all the time internally for teaching package development and keeping all our documentation uniform and organized across projects, even after initial production.

Tal and Devin have been using the package in their seminars they have been giving lately to new R users and it has been getting great feedback.

Here is a gitbook for that package.

We think it would make a great addition to the R community, hopefully pointing it to you guys for feedback will help it find a good home for further collaboration and improvement.