Automatic Spatial Graph Analysis (ASGA) - Shiny Contest Submission

Automatic Spatial Graph Analysis (ASGA)

Authors: Robert Kiewisz

Abstract: The spindle analysis tool is an open-source cluster of tools with its ongoing development for meiotic and mitotic spindle analysis.

Full Description: The reconstructed data from the electron tomography (ET) are segmented and all labeled information in the reconstructed tomogram volumes were identified. This allows to visualize these labeled objects and perform 3D analysis. The output of the segmentation are files containing the 3D coordinate of all points that representing labeled objects. It is necessary to analyze this type of data set relatively fast in a repetitive manner. However, no software was available that could perform this task. Therefore, in order to address that issue, a custom-designed software and analysis pipeline was developed. The software was developed as an open-source platform that allows for fast analysis and comparison of data sets as well as the implementation of new tools in the future.

Keywords: analysis, automatization, computational biology
Shiny app:
Repo: GitHub - RRobert92/ASGA: Open-Source Spindle analysis tool for the data output of the "ZIB Amira" MT spatial graph
RStudio Cloud: Posit Cloud


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