automatic report in R

Hello everyone

I have a question. We are collecting data from six different countries on Qualtrics. I will extract the data in excel.

We will only have our data partially at the exact moment. The data will arrive gradually as things progress. But we want a report (desirably in Word) that will automatically update as new data comes.
Is it possible to program all code and, after, have a sort of "click button" to update our report in Word?

I hope I was clear. I am a beginner, so I would appreciate it if you shared video guides or articles with less technical terminology. I appreciate any help you can provide.

Hi @vavashapov you could explore examples in Rmarkdown.


Welcome to the community @vavashapov! One avenue you may want to explore is creating a Word document with the rmarkdown package. You can set up all of your code to read in the data and format the report, and then, if using RStudio, you can simply click a button to render an update.

Here is a link to helpful documentation for MS Word specifically (which also contains a link to a video).


Good. Thank you will try to do this

Thank you seems to be a good solution

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