Automatic generation of RSConnect API Key?

Is it possible for an RStudio Connect administrator to automatically generate API keys on behalf of users, and then actually use those keys for automating api calls on behalf of the user?

Use case: A team I work with is interested in syndicating content from a few different dashboarding tools. For Spotfire and Tableau, they have worked out authenticate to the respective platform APIs with OAuth tokens, but are struggling to come up with a similar approach for RSConnect. If the above approach doesn't sound right but you can think of another way to accomplish this, please share!

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Have you thought of using a plumber API for this? Basically an API which accepts the input from the other system and stores it on the Connect file system which would allow you to store the user API keys as environment variable if you needed to.

Thanks for the response! I think I follow what you are saying and am familiar with the plumber package, but I think the challenge is needing to generate an api key in RStudio Connect automatically without the user having to do so manually.

I just got e-mails about the 1.8.4 release of RStudio connect with a bunch of API features, so I haven't had a chance to see if my solution is somewhere in the new release. I'll report back once I am able to dig a little deeper.