Automatic account logout while a project is running and clear up issue

I am using Rcloud well. By the way, I tried to get a little bit of computation in Rcloud (I know it takes about 4 ~ 5 hours). After I expect the calculation to be completed, when I check the rcloud screen, I found my account is automatically logged out and my projects work directory is totally clear out and the objects I run are all gone. I find the same problem over and over again. When using the R server, I ran the necessary calculations, closed the window, and then checked the progress even after reconnecting to the R server, but I do not know what the problem is in Rcloud. Can anyone comment on this issue?
Thanks in advance and hope everyone reading this post will have a happy day today.

Hoyoung Park.

PS. Now I find the error message here,
But I do not use another browser to connect R session,,,

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