Automate Internet Explorer using RSelenium

Can we open Internet Explorer and login particular website using RSelenium in R?

In principle yes - Selenium driver for IE exists, and is available for download - but unless you really need to use IE you are likely to get better (and more consistent!) results with Firefox.

IE is slow and some xpaths copied from Chrome or Firefox are known to behave funny.

... please consider the well known image of IE eating glue inserted here ...

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Thank you for your suggestion
But the website which i want to automate is IE compatible only.
Can we reduce the wait time explicitly in R?

Then you are in the "really need to use IE" situation. Which is a pity, though not unheard of.

Luckily the main use case for Selenium is automated testing of web applications (scraping is a distant afterthought compared to this) so all the major browsers need to be / are supported.

You will likely need some tweaking for the initial setup, and I do not recommend an IE implementation for your very first Selenium project (applying the default = Firefox comes with a not-so-steep learning curve) but it is definitely doable.

Unfortunately I do not have much experience with scraping in IE, as I managed to avoid the need in my projects.

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