Automate Google Analytics Queries in RStudio Server

Hey all,

I'm looking for some advice on automating RStudio Server to run some simple GA queries. Some of our client's data samples quite quickly and the GA package in R is a great way to get around that. I'd love to be able to set my reports to run automatically but I'm having issues getting the automation to run. Has anyone done this before? I've been trying to use CRONR to automate my scripts with no luck.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Scheduling an R script is usually straight forward, Can you please specify what are the issues you are having? Ideally, Can you provide an specific and reproducible example of what is not working for you?

So I've been doing a bit more digging into this and I've got CRONR to work okay, where it's falling down is the googleAnalyticsR package. It fails to run when the script is automated stating that the "default" package isn't meant for "production".

I've tried going through the steps to create a new project in google cloud but I've having issues swapping the authentication to pull from my GCP rather than the "default" googleAnalyticsR package.

Have you had any experience with this at all?

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