Auto grading for R course (with {ghclass} and/or {learnr} and/or {gradethis}?)


I'll be teaching a DS course next semester. I went through every article in (amazing work by the way), including the websites for the ghclass, learnr and gradethis packages and I have not found the solution to what I want to achieve:

I want students to receive a R notebook/markdown, filled with exercises, to which a final answer exists (either numeric or multiple choice), so it's very easy to automatically check. Then automatically check it versus a predefined set of answers, grade their answers (by now a simple table or list I presume), then send them the answers by mail or some pre-existing course admin system. And also keep a record for each student's performance, for me, of course.

My current hack will probably be something along the lines of:
(1) create a list at the top of the notebook
(2) at the end of each question/chunk student will fill in the value for the answer (e.g. list_of_answers["Q3"] = ### Your answer here ###)
(3) at the end of notebook convert the list to a table, and either:
(3.a.) sink to CSV and have them submit it by mail with some conventional title for my email account to recognize and put in some folder for me to grab
(3.b.) send it using some auto-gmail-sending package for R (and then maybe hack my way via google drive to automatically download to my local machine and grade it in R? :thinking:...)...
(3.c.) submit it through some pre-existing course admin system
(4) Auto-check submitted tables with some simple R script, then maybe auto-send responses by mail with that package from (3.b.)

I guess what I'm asking is: Did I miss anything and someone already created something helpful to automatically grade a bunch of answers sent by multiple learners (and send them the detailed feedback automatically), or do I have hack it myself?



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