Authorisation for

Hi all,

I just got a new issue with a shinyapps_io authorisation (no changes to the code).

I had an app deployed on as "private" app, i.e. using Posit authorisation system (in "Standard" plan).

It was embedded on a website built in squarespace and it worked all right until today (the person would authorise once, and then use it as a part of the website, all worked fine). Today (25.3.2024) it started showing authorisation page with "Login" button; pressing the button will call Posit authorisation pop up window, which will close after a second (as if login was successful), but the embedded page will NOT change.

The issue is there Chrome (with my main profile, in incognito mode), but is not there in Opera or in Chrome, if I use a different Chrome profile, or as a direct link on shinyapps_io

Does anyone know what the issue might be and how to solve it?