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Hello, I'm interested in creating a shiny app that serves a user-specific UI.

There are two examples in the Shiny Gallery, "Authentication and database", and "Personalized UI", though neither seems to be working at the moment, and I can't get the code to run locally.


  1. for the upper tiers --ie the ones that offer authentication-- is the authentication available at all to the app itself (maybe via session), such that one could tailor the UI on a by-user basis?

  2. Is there a more recent working app example?

  3. I've run across the seemingly promising shinyauthr package, though the machinery of having mature functionality (durable session cookies, forgotten password factor auth, new user setup etc ) seems daunting.

Any advice is much appreciated.

The gallery apps should work if you accept cookies from the domain.

In, you have access to the user name, I believe from within session.

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Sure enough, session$user is available, after having fumbled around with session$userData, which gives a lot of other stuff

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