Authentication for r-studio server with ssh keys

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to setup Rstudio server on a remote machine at work, which I plan to connect to using a browser on my local machine so that I can develop using the extra computing power of remote.

I'm having a problem with authentication. My Rstudio-server is up and running successfully on the remote machine, and when I try to access it through my browser, it asks for username and password. This is so far in line with what the documentation says will happen, but the issue here is that my company do not do password auth, just SSH keys, so I do not have the password for the linux account on the remote machine.

How can I access Rstudio-server when SSH keys are the form of authentication?

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This is an interesting question, because, if I understand you correctly, you have a very unusual situation.

RStudio Server Pro supports integration with many different single sign-on (SSO) systems (in addition to simple password auth. Many customers use PAM (including for configuring LDAP / active directory). And where PAM is not suitable, you can configure proxied authentication.

It makes sense that you want to use SSH at the server level, but using the IDE is most likely going to require some form of integration with your in-house authentication mechanism.

I suggest that your best course of action is to contact our support team, or your RStudio customer success rep. They will be able to arrange a meeting with an RStudio solutions engineer, where we can dive deeper into your unique circumstances and recommend a way forward.

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