Authentication Error with plumberDeploy

New user with plumberDeploy and running into a few issues. Using this version here:


I have an SSH key setup over at digital ocean and now am experiencing the following:

k <- analogsea::key_create("PACER", readLines('C:\plumber\'))
Error: Key can't be blank

mydrop <- plumberDeploy::do_provision()
Provisioning a new server for which you will get a bill from DigitalOcean.
Using default ssh keys: PACER
NB: This costs $0.00893 / hour until you droplet_delete() it
Waiting for create ....................................
New server key: [[deleted for purposes of this post]]
Error: Authentication with ssh server failed

I do see something at the following:

lapply(analogsea::keys(), '[[', "public_key")
[1] "ssh-rsa [[[key deleted]]Extreme\n"

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