auth-timeout-minutes in the RStudio Server

I am wondering if the auth-timeout-minutes rserver.conf option is available in the free RStudio Server. We have an RPM installation on Rocky Linux 8, and when I try to set it in rserver.conf, I get an error that "auth-timeout-minutes is unrecognized".

Based on D RStudio Server Configuration | RStudio Server Professional Edition 1.4.1106-5, this option is not marked as PRO which would make me think that it's available in the free version, but apparently not.

On a related note, the link to download the RStudio Server source is broken, at RStudio Server - Posit


This option is available in the free version! However, it's an option in rsession.conf rather than rserver.conf. Set it in that file and I think you'll find it works as you expect.

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