Attempting to make an inventory app in shiny r

I am attempting to have a user in put information and print out the data in a cell based on if that information matches criteria in the same row. I want this to be activated by an actionButton in shiny.
Can anyone help??
I don't know if I'd doing it completely wrong or just a few parts are off....

This is the first information in my sidebarPanel for the ui

          "barcode", h3("Scan location barcode: ")
        h3("Confirm this is your item. "),

This is the code for the server portion

  output$display_row <- 

Are you aware of {DT}s global search feature? If not, try typing "Mazda" (case sensitive) in the upper right search field of the first table here:

After that the user could select a row and confirm via actionButton.

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